Yes, I Am Finally Accepting Mail From You!

Yes, I Am Finally Accepting Mail From You!

Hi friends,

Noah here and the is a special announcement due to popular request.

I originally started this website and my Newsletter back in 2015 from scratch.

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As in, zero of everything!

Zero experience managing a news website….

Zero experience setting up a website in the first place…

Zero readers….

Zero subscribers to my Newsletter.

In fact, the Newsletter didn’t even exist in 2015, I added that later in 2017.

Since then we’ve grown like crazy.

From zero readers to now averaging over SIX MILLION readers per month on the website!

And as of the time of writing this, our Newsletter has over 370,000 subscribers.

It’s such an honor to serve all of you and to know that our mission of getting the TRUTH out to people is working and enjoyed by so many.

For years, people asked if they could donate to support our work.

I always said no, but about a year ago I finally gave in

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