Yearn Finance's founder says he 'doesn't build for speculators'

Yearn Finance's founder says he 'doesn't build for speculators'

The founder of Yearn finance, Andre Cronje, has seen a fair share of criticism lately as he deployed some smart contracts that ended up losing people money. Cronje defended himself in a blog post and explained why he believes he shouldn’t be held responsible for those who “ape in” his testing contracts.

Cronje will often place large disclaimers urging people to treat them with caution and not just go in because he built it. Little can be done to prevent this, given the permissionless nature of these products. Nevertheless, Cronje was sometimes criticized for not deploying contracts on testnets, where no real money could be lost. His “I test in prod” adage also turns some people away, as it seems to imply a careless attitude toward security.

Cronje explained that he does in fact test software in multiple stages. “[The statement] exists to deter people from just using systems without investigation. It does NOT mean that I don’t test,”

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