Year of the Republican woman

Year of the Republican woman

Nine short years ago, Kat Cammack found herself homeless. This was due in large part to the Obama-era “Home Affordable Modification Program,” a now-defunct failed loan program that was designed to help desperate homeowners avoid foreclosure amid the 2008 recession and housing crisis but ended up draining families’ savings. It was an eye-opening experience for her. “When we found ourselves homeless, I realized the impact Washington, D.C., would have on your life without you really knowing,” the 32-year-old told me on the phone. Soon, she’ll be looking for a place to live in Washington as the youngest Republican woman in Congress, representing Florida’s 3rd District. Now, the freshman thinks her homeless-to-Congress story epitomizes the American dream.

Cammack has plenty of company. This year has been a historic one for Republican women, who doubled in number in the U.S. House after the election. As of this writing, 36 Republican women will serve in the next Congress, a record.

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