XMR workgroup says IRS should study Monero — not try to break it

XMR workgroup says IRS should study Monero — not try to break it

The United States Internal Revenue Service has better ways to spend taxpayer dollars than offering bounties to break Monero’s (XMR) privacy, a Monero working group says.

After the IRS announced it is offering up to $625,000 to anyone who can break Monero, a major Monero-focused workgroup expressed their take on the matter.

A spokesperson for Monero Outreach — an independent workgroup focused on XMR awareness and education — told Cointelegraph that the IRS should learn how Monero actually works instead.

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Monero Outreach’s representative emphasized that the crypto’s features in fact provide users with a certain level of transparency, stating:

“$625,000 would be better spent by the IRS to hire a few consultants to teach their staff how Monero works and how its features allow users to opt-in to transparency.”

The spokesperson said that Monero is “designed to function just like cash,” highlighting that the U.S. dollar also has a certain amount of privacy:

“The U.S. dollar is used for

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