Xi Jinping Tells Elite Amphibious Troops To ‘Prepare for War’

Xi Jinping Tells Elite Amphibious Troops To ‘Prepare for War’

An elite amphibious assault unit of China’s People’s Liberation Army has been told to prepare for war by the country’s highest official.

The order comes as decades of tension between the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China (Taiwan) could be nearing a violent conclusion.

Chinese President Xi Jinping made the comments Tuesday as he inspected troops at a base in Chaozhou, China, according to a release from the country’s Ministry of National Defense.

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The base houses amphibious troops of the People’s Liberation Army Navy Marine Corps.

According to the ministry’s release, Xi considers the Chinese marines to be an elite amphibious combat unit saddled with the duty of protecting the nation’s interests at home and abroad.

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And naturally, these elite troops are expected to live and die for the Chinese Communist

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