XCarnival Secures $2 Million Seed Investment

XCarnival Secures $2 Million Seed Investment

Synthetic assets open up several opportunities for investors by not confining them to a specific location. If the concept excites you, there’s good news from XCarnival. Recently, XCarnival announced it has secured a two-million US dollar seed investment in its quest to reinvent synthetic assets in crypto.

This investment was led by top crypto funds including Fundamental Labs, Zonff Partners, SNZ, EVG, NGC, etc. At the same time, institutions like AU21, Incuba Alpha, DFG, WaterDrip, LD Capital, Gate, ChainCapital and Bitrise Capital.

“We are very excited for the funding progress, which reflects the confidence from the investors in our project and our team,” said Leon Liu, founder of XCarnival, a crypto influencer, investor and one of the most influential community leaders in the Binance Smart Chain Chinese community.

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Being a next generation synthetic asset platform, XCarnival has been committed to building non-standard asset leasing, pawning, and lending businesses. At the same time, XCarnival also provides several

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