WWII ‘earthquake’ bomb explodes underwater while being defused

WWII ‘earthquake’ bomb explodes underwater while being defused

The largest World War II bomb ever found in Poland exploded underwater as specialists attempted a delicate operation to defuse it.

An earth-shaking blast from the 5.4-ton “Tallboy” bomb was unleashed by Polish naval demolition experts Tuesday near the country’s Port of Szczecin, where it was discovered last year, the Evening Standard reported.

More than 700 people were evacuated from the area for the operation, which aimed to “neutralize” the explosive remotely using a technique called deflagration — which involves heating the bomb until it burns rather than detonating it.

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But the bomb exploded anyway, with dramatic video footage showing water shooting into the air in the Baltic Sea shipping canal.

Nobody was injured and a Polish navy spokesman ultimately said the mission was a success.

“The operation was carried out perfectly and safely and the bomb is safe now,” Lt. Col. Grzegorz Lewandowski said.

The 19-foot-long bomb — also known as an earthquake bomb — was spotted poking

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