WOW! Stop The Steal Arrives…The Hour Of Action [Video]

WOW! Stop The Steal Arrives…The Hour Of Action [Video]

This isn’t about Democrats or Republicans; this is about America. American Patriots are 100 Percent Fed Up with the corruption! Now arrives the hour of action! We’ve got to do this now!

100 Percent Fed Up – The Biden Campaign’s primary defense is don’t hear the evidence. That is why the public doesn’t trust the outcome of this election. Enough of the shenanigans! It’s not about the President. It’s not about which party controls our government. We need to have faith in our elections, our court systems and know that our government is controlled by We The People. We need to acknowledge courts and lawyers have been threatened and intimidated by the left. The purpose of Stop the Steal is to keep our republic alive by letting our bureaucrats know we demand oversight.  The time for empty talk is over, and people are rising up.

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Grassroots groups from all around the country and President Trump’s campaign members are

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