WORSE THAN MONEY LAUNDERING: Inside Hunter Biden’s Art ‘Sales’

WORSE THAN MONEY LAUNDERING: Inside Hunter Biden’s Art ‘Sales’

The Biden crime family now deals in art.

Many people are asking though, is a piece of Hunter’s art really worth $500,000?

According to reports, Hunter Biden’s art sales are really concerning to those paying attention. Investigative sources have uncovered that Hunter used to be the bag man for his father Joe, and collects money on his behalf.

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Money that probably goes to fund corrupt pay to play programs, or acts as a way to launder, or defer taxes on money made in the past. Those who understand how the art market functions know exactly what I am speaking about…..

This is D.C. behavior at its absolute worst, and these are the exact things President Trump was trying to fix when he set out to drain the swamp.

‘Speaking fees’ and ‘art deals’ are really just other names for political corruption, and I think it’s high time we do more than just call this behavior out.

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