World Leaders Join in Outrage Over Censorship of Donald Trump

World Leaders Join in Outrage Over Censorship of Donald Trump

Leaders from across the globe have spoken out against Big Tech’s censorship of of President Donald Trump as freedom of speech online has become a rare, unifying issue for some of Trump’s international counterparts, some of whom have been rivals at times.

Twitter targeted the president Friday amid a massive purge of conservatives which peaked over the weekend. Thousands were permanently banned from the platform, which cited safety issues as its rationale for the unprecedented assault on the First Amendment. Facebook, Instagram and Google-owned YouTube are also undercutting free expression for those who do not align with the politics of the left.

Twitter’s excuse for banning Trump was that he risked inciting further violence with his presence online following the Capitol incursion last Wednesday. Of course, Trump did not directly incite any violence, and never has, which is an inconvenient fact for those who now support the suppression of dissenting

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