Working in the Cryptocurrency Industry as a Woman

Working in the Cryptocurrency Industry as a Woman

It seems there is a lot of turmoil happening in the world, as the year 2020 keeps giving and giving. From natural disasters, a global pandemic, and race wars and riots, everyone is wondering what will happen next. However, something happened earlier this year that resonated with me personally, and I wanted to touch on this subject as I don’t believe it has received enough attention and is a topic that in particular for this year, is important because of what’s going on around the world, especially in the cryptocurrency space.

Women in Tech

It’s not a big surprise for people to hear or know that women in the tech sector are at times, far and few between. Depending on the space you’re in, it may be hard to find other women in your office. For example, if you’re a female engineer, you may be the only one or maybe there are

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