Women Keep Joe Biden's Migration Polls Above Water

Women Keep Joe Biden's Migration Polls Above Water

Support from women is keeping President Joe Biden’s immigration-related poll ratings from sinking deep underwater.

Women’s support for Biden was spotlighted by the Washington Post‘s immigration poll, which showed that his pro-migration policies have the strong support of 21 percent of all women, yet only 11 percent of all men.

The PR policy adopted by Biden’s team is likely intended to maintain this female support by showcasing the migration of children and mothers. That focus helps divert media attention from the much larger migration of men who are seeking to win the jobs, wages, and apartments needed by the women’s husbands, siblings, and children.

A fair-minded media industry would explain “the long term consequences, the short-term consequences, what impact this will have on jobs for Americans, what impact it will have on schools, what impact it will have on health care, all of it,” said Rosemary Jenks, the

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