Woman stops for fast food during police chase, gets arrested

Woman stops for fast food during police chase, gets arrested

The Hamburglar would not be impressed.

A Massachusetts woman stopped at a McDonald’s drive-thru in the middle of a wild police chase — and went from the Golden Arches to silver handcuffs, police said.

Johanna Gardell, 38, stole a commercial pickup truck Tuesday morning and took Worcester police on a wild chase — during which she hit and dragged an officer and crashed into a couple of police cruisers, a press release stated.

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“She was ordering chicken nuggets and they actually held her up,” the truck’s owner Raymond James Simoncini told Boston.com. “The officers called ahead to hold her and slow down the line.”

She is now facing a super-size list of traffic violations and criminal charges including assault and battery.

A woman was apprehended at a McDonald’s after a police chase.Telegram & Gazette via Imagn

Gardell apparently had hopped into a pickup truck used for Simoncini’s restoration company near Lake Avenue at just before 9 a.m. and drove

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