Woman shows up to son’s funeral — after she was declared dead

Woman shows up to son’s funeral — after she was declared dead

Shocking video captured the moment an Indian woman unexpectedly showed up to a memorial for her late son — after she was declared dead of COVID-19.

The woman, Mutyala Girijamma, was hospitalized at the Government General Hospital in Vijayawada after testing positive for COVID-19 on May 12, Jam Press reported.

Her devoted husband, Gaddayya, visited her every day but couldn’t find her when he arrived on May 15.

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When he asked where she was, officials broke the news that she had apparently succumbed to her illness.

Gaddayya was handed a body bag and warned not to open it without wearing personal protective equipment – so he took the wrapped remains back to his village for burial.

But he was too upset to hold a memorial and was dealt another blow when his son died from the deadly bug.

Mutyala Girijamma attends her own memorial service, after she was mistakenly declared dead.Jam Press/Newslions Mutyala Girijamma took a taxi home from

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