Woman Posts Scathing Letter About Michelle Obama in LA Times

Woman Posts Scathing Letter About Michelle Obama in LA Times

In recent history, there has not been a time with such division and mistrust among American citizens as right now.

While we still await the results of the presidential election, and the findings of several lawsuits pertaining to widespread voter fraud, Americans are at odds with one another over their core beliefs and values.

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The LA Times recently turned over their letters page to Trump voters in an attempt to bridge the divide that is currently sweeping the nation.

The results were interesting, with one particular letter standing out.

Deborah McMicking wrote a scathing piece criticizing former First Lady Michelle Obama for her comments pertaining to the 72.7 million voters who cast their ballots for President Donald Trump. 

Obama described Trump voters as people who voted for hate, division and lies.

Now as Joe Biden is calling for unity, McMicking took Obama to task for her hypocritical and hateful words towards half the country.

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