Wolf gets bills to protect selling guns during disasters

Wolf gets bills to protect selling guns during disasters

HARRISBURG, Pa. (AP) – Legislation heading to the desk of Gov. Tom Wolf repeals long-standing laws in Pennsylvania intended to control gun-carrying and prevent public officials from shutting down firearms dealers during disaster emergencies declared by a governor.

Both bills passed by identical 29-20 final votes in the Republican-controlled state Senate on Wednesday, with every Republican and the lone independent senator backing them and every Democrat against them. Both received approval from the state House of Representatives earlier this year.

Wolf, a Democrat, has not said whether he would sign or veto the bills. However, Wolf has vetoed more than a half-dozen bills passed by lawmakers that sought to limit his powers during the existing coronavirus disaster emergency and beyond.

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One bill would repeal a provision that says “no person shall carry a firearm upon the public streets or upon any public property,” although people who have a concealed-carry license are exempt. If signed by Wolf, the bill might

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