Wisconsin Town Begins Cleanup After Riots Damage Communities, Homes

Wisconsin Town Begins Cleanup After Riots Damage Communities, Homes

Homeowners in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, began the process of cleanup and recovery Thursday morning after riots crossed into their neighborhoods.

Journalist Julio Rosas documented affected scenes via his Twitter account Thursday morning.

A closer look of the damage at the private residences that were targeted last night by rioters in Wauwatosa. pic.twitter.com/T3OHh1HT1x

— Julio Rosas (@Julio_Rosas11) October 8, 2020

Rosas also noted damage done to small storefronts. One property is a children’s math and reading tutoring center which boarded up windows prior to the destructive demonstrations.

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Throughout Wednesday night, rioters moved through residential streets shining bright lights into windows. Reporters on the ground also noted how motorcycles were driven on sidewalks and over front lawns.

One man brandished a firearm as police moved to disperse crowds near a residential intersection.

Breitbart documented other destructive scenes throughout Wauwatosa. A Speedway gas station was looted despite an employee’s effort to diffuse

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