Wisconsin recount may include just two Democratic-leaning counties

Wisconsin recount may include just two Democratic-leaning counties

Republicans and President Trump’s reelection campaign may limit a recount of Wisconsin’s vote to Milwaukee and Dane County, which includes Madison, sources said.

The two counties could start counting as soon as Thursday, said one Wisconsin source familiar with the discussions. GOP officials began recruiting volunteers in all 72 Wisconsin counties earlier this week.

“We may not be requesting a full statewide recount,” said Trump campaign senior adviser Jason Miller.

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“As of right now, those are the only two counties,” the source added, referring to Milwaukee and Dane.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission projects the statewide recount will cost the campaign $7.9 million, significantly more than the roughly $2 million paid by the Green Party for a presidential recount in 2016.

The cost is based on estimates from each of the counties, so a recount of only two counties would be less expensive.

“Funding is not an issue,” the campaign source said.

The Trump campaign would have to

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