Will the Unvaccinated Be Shunned From Society?

Will the Unvaccinated Be Shunned From Society?

Do you remember when the left declared themselves the party of love and acceptance of all?

It seems that doesn’t apply to the unvaccinated.

The mainstream media is now saying we can and should be denied our liberties if we don’t get the covid vaccine.

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A new trend to hit the lamestream media is this notion that the unvaccinated should be shunned. Shamed. And humiliated.

Might as well give us a large star to wear on our coats too while they’re at it.

If you replaced the word unvaccinated with any other classification such as the color of skin, this language would be repulsive. 

Check out this video I found on Twitter from the leftist show The View on ABC, where they discuss the shunning of the unvaccinated:

ABC shows full support of dictatorship!
“We need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated”

She’s an psycho-path that needs to be in an Insane Asylum!


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