Will More States Oppose The Vaccine Passport?

Will More States Oppose The Vaccine Passport?

You can’t be for liberty if you are for vaccine passports.

Texas and Florida are often the leaders when it comes to Conservative dissent against ridiculous things like vaccine passports, online censorship, and The Biden Administration.

I wouldn’t be surprised if more states started to follow the charge that Texas Governor Abbott, and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis are leading right now.

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In fact, I believe that states HAVE to stand up.

This is our liberty we are talking about here; not some small regulation or law.

Florida and Texas have been doing A LOT of things right lately……….maybe it is time we follow their lead and stand up for what is right.

Here is more on the story:

Another state ban vaccine passport.
“Texas Governor Bans Vaccine Passports with Executive Order” https://t.co/qiFJ9lsmAh

— IamDurmo (CDC 6%) (@IamDurmo) April 7, 2021

Say no to #VaccinePassports – they're not a good idea

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