Will Federal Regulators APPROVE The Pfizer Jab?

Will Federal Regulators APPROVE The Pfizer Jab?

Nothing says experimental more than a pending FDA approval.

People all over the country are hesitant to get the jab, and everyone who is concerned has every right. After all, these things aren’t even really approved by federal regulators yet….

This could all change in January though.

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According to sources, we could see federal regulators approve Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine around January of 2022.

This may or may not cure vaccine hesitancy, but at this point people have such little faith in government institutions that an approval will probably have little effect.

If it were to be approved though, would you take the jab?

Take a look:

Ive no clue why it took this long for ⁦@US_FDA⁩ to communicate this information to the public, but this an important step towards transparency. A timeline helps people make decisions and plan.

Pfizer Doesn’t Expect Final Vaccine Approval Until 2022 https://t.co/M73jaopzEU

— Jerome Adams (@JeromeAdamsMD) July 17, 2021


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