Will Amazon, Tulane Cancel Hunter Biden For Using The N-Word?

Will Amazon, Tulane Cancel Hunter Biden For Using The N-Word?

The corporate media, which yields immense power over how institutions react to information, remains silent on the recent report that shows President Joe Biden’s son Hunter used the n-word on separate occasions in text messages to his white attorney, despite previously reporting on both public and non-public figures who used the same racial slur.

Given that other individuals faced repercussions for rhetoric deemed inappropriate and cancelable, the question we should all now turn to is whether Hunter will be punished for his comments. Left-leaning outlets have yet to adequately cover the text messages first reported by the Daily Mail, but will Amazon and others bypass the phony journalists who operate as cancel culture activists and show the left it opposes the n-word?

Individuals who used the same racial slur as Hunter include country music star Morgan Wallen who was suspended from his record label and removed from airplay, highschooler Mimi Groves who was denied acceptance at the University of

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