Wikipedia Pushes ‘Black Lives Matter’ Agenda Following Activist Campaign

Wikipedia Pushes ‘Black Lives Matter’ Agenda Following Activist Campaign

Throughout June, Wikipedia activists have been conducting an “edit-a-thon” started by a newly-established Black Lives Matter group on the site, creating large amounts of content on “racial justice” issues. Among their efforts, editors have got numerous articles on racism or alleged police brutality to appear on the front page with several articles having already been featured, including one smearing President Donald Trump and one promoting a book pushing “white guilt” on readers.

Black Lives Matter activists further pushed for expanding Wikipedia articles about individual police departments and police unions with claims of racism and misconduct. Unrelated efforts have other articles appearing on the front page to advance an “anti-racism” agenda regarding George Washington and Trump.

Following George Floyd’s death in police custody, Wikipedia editors established a “Black Lives Matter” WikiProject to coordinate activities regarding articles on racism and policing. Many group members have a history of left-wing bias on the site

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