Why Traditional Christianity Represents The Future Of The Church

Why Traditional Christianity Represents The Future Of The Church

The Catholic Church, along with many other Christian denominations, has more than a few problems to address: loss of religious freedom, heretical beliefs becoming mainstream, mass pornography addiction, huge drops in attendance, and reopening churches after COVID-19 lockdowns. Churches have been devastated by these challenges, some never to recover. Moreover, the general incompetence, corruption, and weakness of so many faith leaders only worsen the situation.

Despite all that, if one read one of the several recent essays and statements from prominent Catholic bishops and writers, they’d be forgiven for thinking the real problem facing the church is traditional believers, a toxic and radical bunch who endlessly troll well-meaning (if sometimes heretical and abusive) bishops and priests, use the label of tradition to vent their innumerable prejudices and excuse their own personal mediocrity, and whose men are cowards who take to social media to score points against modernity.

The most recent piece against traditional Catholics was from a well-known advocate

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