Why This Popular Crypto Analyst Bought 1 Million ADA

Why This Popular Crypto Analyst Bought 1 Million ADA

Cardano (ADA) developer IOG has launched the first testnet for their smart contract platform, “Alonzo Blue”. The first stage of a roadmap set to be completed around September with full implementation of smart contract capabilities for the platform. The evolution of Cardano has not gone unnoticed.

Popular crypto analyst Ben Armstrong recently revealed his 1,000,000 ADA holdings which he bought when this cryptocurrency’s price was under $0.15. The analyst was attracted by their scientific approach and clear development phases.

This practice has maintained until this day. IOG has outlined every step to be taken with Alonzo and the deployment of smart contracts. Charles Hoskinson, the inventor of Cardano, has said that this method takes more time to be completed, but reduces bugs and provides a better result. End users will be the most benefit. Armstrong said:

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Their roadmap is painstakingly mapped out to capture any corner cases keep the bugs to a minimum. Even on their website, they describe

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