Why the US Needs Bitcoin

Why the US Needs Bitcoin

The United States will adopt bitcoin as a reserve asset.

Why? Because it is unequivocally in U.S. strategic interests to do so.

Alex Treece is a co-founder at Zabo, a platform enabling fintechs and financial services companies to easily connect cryptocurrency accounts to their applications.

The question is not if this will happen, but when. Whether it happens within 12 months, two years, five years or 10 years will have major implications for U.S. positioning for decades. Failure to embrace bitcoin sooner rather than later will damage U.S. strategic interests and benefit rivals adopting it first. 

By examining how the U.S. and other countries manage their reserve assets today, we can already see the logic for this transition to occur.

Golden empire

Today the U.S. holds 261 million troy ounces (8,133 metric tons) of gold, or about $475 billion worth.

This makes

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