Why The Next Bitcoin Bear Market Will Be The Worst Yet

Why The Next Bitcoin Bear Market Will Be The Worst Yet

Bitcoin price continues to sink, and when it isn’t falling its barely able to move sideways, with “up only” the one direction the cryptocurrency won’t go.

Whether or not the crypto market is headed toward another bear market or not is debatable for now, but technical analysis suggests that when the peak of this cycle arrives, it could bring with it the worst bear market in the history of cryptocurrency.

Analyzing The Secular Bitcoin Bull Run

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A secular market is defined as “a market that is driven by forces that could be in place for many years, causing the price of a particular investment or asset class to rise or fall over a long period.”

“In a secular bull market, positive conditions such as low-interest rates and strong corporate earnings push stock prices higher,” an except in Investopedia reads.

Since the birth of cryptocurrency, Bitcoin has only known a bull market. The technology was born during The Great Recession right

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