Why the GOP Should Be Optimistic After 2020 Election

Why the GOP Should Be Optimistic After 2020 Election

Each year after election season, both parties look back on their performance and conduct an autopsy of sorts. “What could we have done differently?” “How could we improve?” 

Self-reflection is a vital part of formulating successful strategies for the future and ensuring longterm success. While analyzing the 2020 election, it’s become increasingly clear that the GOP has reason to be optimistic, while the Democratic Party needs to take a long look in the mirror.

This might be a strange concept to some. How could the GOP, the party which presumably lost the presidency, be on a better trajectory than the party which beat them? When looking at key demographics and data shifts, the concept becomes less strange.  

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First, take into account the inroads GOP candidates made with minority voters compared to the 2016 election. In Texas, a state with an increasingly minority population, President Trump increased voter turnout by nearly 25%. Trump and other down-ballot GOP candidates made significant gains in

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