Why The Electoral College Is Still Good For The United States

Why The Electoral College Is Still Good For The United States

If former Vice President Joe Biden prevails in the 2020 election by scoring a victory in both the electoral and popular vote tallies, it will not curtail the clamoring nor the movement to send the Electoral College to a crematorium. The Washington Post editorial board, for example, recently renewed its call to abolish it.

Abolishing the Electoral College would be a disaster for freedom and the constitutional imperative to prevent the concentration and abuse of power. It would also likely open the door to greater election-result paralysis, as well as more voter fraud by big state and city machine politics.

The founders designed the Electoral College to moderate the influence of large states and big cities over small states and rural districts. Rhode Island, for example, with three electoral votes would hardly matter if the presidency were decided strictly by a national popular vote.

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Presidential candidates could and would ignore states like Rhode Island and focus on states and

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