Why Schools Will Never Bring The Rotten Students Back From Online ‘Learning’

Why Schools Will Never Bring The Rotten Students Back From Online ‘Learning’

As the school year progresses and districts continue to reopen, many students are still learning virtually. With the number of COVID-19 cases always fluctuating and so-called health experts’ continued insistence that the Wuhan virus poses a serious threat to students and educators, there is little reason to see this situation changing soon.

Even if cases do decline and a vaccine is distributed, we are unlikely to see virtual schooling go away. Besides providing a safer option for students wanting to stay away from a crowded setting, virtual school is now proving to solve a much bigger challenge that has hampered public schools long before the virus: It has effectively become the ideal format for problematic students.

This is no small matter. School leaders and teachers have long struggled with students who proved unmotivated, uncooperative, or unable to do the work — usually a combination of all three. These students disrupt classrooms, antagonize teachers, take up the time of administrators

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