Why Obama’s Speeches Are Always Perfect & Trump’s Are ‘Divisive’

Why Obama’s Speeches Are Always Perfect & Trump’s Are ‘Divisive’

Barack Obama’s eulogy for John Lewis drew a chorus of praise from mainstream news journalists. The former president was blatantly electioneering. When Trump does that, the same news sources brand him as “divisive.” Journalists are going to fall victim to a crisis of their own making.

The mainstream media fawned over former President Barack Obama’s eulogy at John Lewis’ funeral Thursday.

NBC News called it “passionate.” The Washington Post hailed the “rousing” speech. Vogue said it was “moving.” Yahoo News branded it “fiery.”

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A second Washington Post article gushed:

Obama reminds us what it’s like to have a president who understands America

The contrast to corporate news coverage of Donald Trump’s speeches could not be more blatant. When President Trump speaks, CNN calls it “divisive.”

This Ad Keeps Us Going:

The New York Times agreed that Trump’s Mt. Rushmore speech on Independence Day was “divisive.” ABC News went on the record to label the speech “dark

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