Why Media Failure Is A Major Story Of Our Time

Why Media Failure Is A Major Story Of Our Time

The following is a transcript of my radar on Thursday’s edition of “Rising” on Hill TV.

People used to make the mistake of treating media criticism like front-page news when it probably belonged on A2. Most of the time, a story’s substance still warranted more attention than the media’s treatment of it. But if newspapers still mattered today, media criticism would belong front and center just about every single morning. The daily failures of the legacy media are so severe and so damaging, they now deserve just as much attention as the very news our news media is failing to cover.

That is to say, media is the public’s primary window into public affairs. That window is now cracked and fogged to the point where the image is entirely unrecognizable on the other side.

Trending: Multiple Individuals Push Multiple Ballots through Multiple Tabulators Multiple Times in Georgia. This Is Illegal. Law Enforcement Does Nothing.

Yesterday, Mark Lee Greenblatt, Interior Department Inspector General, released a 37-page report on his department’s ostensibly exhaustive, independent watchdog investigation into the events of June

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