Why Joe Biden Is Preparing $1,400 Stimulus Checks Despite Promising $2,000

Why Joe Biden Is Preparing $1,400 Stimulus Checks Despite Promising $2,000

President-elect Joe Biden plans to announce a $1,400 personal stimulus check for individuals on Thursday despite voters expecting a $2,000 check as promised.

Reuters reports Biden will announce a massive $1.5 trillion spending program which will include $1,400 stimulus checks.

That might surprise Americans who expected a $2,000 check promised by Biden and Democrats on the campaign trail for the Senate runoff election in Georgia.

Defenders of the president-elect argue his $2,000 promise included the $600 checks, making the new checks $1,400.

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But Biden joined Congressional Democrat leaders in late December and early January repeatedly calling for $2,000 stimulus checks even after the $600 checks were sent out.

Hey Congress, we fixed it for you! https://t.co/Wyvdvcq5EN

— Breitbart News (@BreitbartNews) December 26, 2020

President Donald Trump first proposed the idea of $2,000 stimulus checks on December 22 while expressing his frustration with Republicans for paring down the checks

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