Why global elites have conditioned us to fear ‘conspiracies’

Why global elites have conditioned us to fear ‘conspiracies’

Is the idea of a “global cabal” just a conspiracy theory, or is there any truth to it?

Award-winning journalist Alex Newman thinks he may have an answer.

“I would say, first of all, there’s two ditches that one can fall into on these issues,” Newman tells Glenn Beck. “There’s the one ditch, and some people fall into this ditch, that these individuals, these organizations, are so powerful they practically attribute divine, God-like powers.”

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“That’s ludicrous,” Newman continues. “They’re not God. They don’t control things.”

The other “ditch” people fall into when discussing the “global cabal” is that “‘there’s nothing to see here.’”

“It’s not just a nice non-partisan think tank,” Newman says, referencing the Council on Foreign Relations. While

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