Why Foreign Nations Seeking Freedom Love Trump’s Foreign Policy

Why Foreign Nations Seeking Freedom Love Trump’s Foreign Policy

In parts of the world where people are fighting for their lives and liberty against authoritarianism, the view of Donald Trump’s presidency is positive. Pro-democracy Hong Kongers and Taiwanese have come out strongly in support of a second term for President Trump.

A recent op-ed published in Apple Daily, the publication of prominent Hong Kong democracy activist and opponent of China’s crackdown Jimmy Lai, argued that Hong Kongers should hope for Trump’s re-election.

Treating China like the Nazis in history, joining forces with English-speaking countries and Japan are the main course, the real deal. Neighbors like the Philippines and Vietnam, or going as far as the Czech Republic and Norway, countries have noticed that there is an obvious change in the situation, and they have, one by one, stood up against the ‘Strong Country.’

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The Taiwan Solidarity Union urged Taiwanese-Americans to vote for Trump’s re-election. “From the many policies implemented by his administration that benefit Taiwan and

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