Why Didn’t the Fed’s Take Copy of Hunter’s Laptop?

Why Didn’t the Fed’s Take Copy of Hunter’s Laptop?

While Joe Biden was giving his speech last night, still trying to convince the world that he is the uniter-in-chief, his justice department had reportedly just finished raiding the house of yet another Trump ally.

This is scary stuff.

Scarier still is the story reported by Tucker Carlson on Fox News last night alleging that the Fed’s picked up a hard drive containing a copy of Hunter Biden’s laptop during the raid. But after finding out what was on the hard drive they put it back down again.

VIDEO – Tucker: Why Wouldn’t the FBI Want Giuliani’s Hard Drive with a Copy of Hunter Biden’s Laptop? https://t.co/3h1rBq2jkB

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— Grabien (@GrabienMedia) April 29, 2021

Here’s what Tucker had to say about it:

The one electronic device the feds didn’t seize in today’s raid was a copy of Hunter Biden’s hard drive from his laptop. Giuliani had a copy of it in his apartment. At one point, agents picked

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