Why Bob Woodward’s Anti-Trump Book ‘Rage’ Can’t Be Trusted One Lick

Why Bob Woodward’s Anti-Trump Book ‘Rage’ Can’t Be Trusted One Lick

After observing celebrity author Bob Woodward in action on one of his books—a biography of the late John Belushi—the famed director Penny Marshall was unimpressed. The well-known leftist activist reportedly remarked that Woodward’s account was so slanted and inaccurate, “It makes you think that Richard Nixon may be innocent.”

The point, as many other of Woodward’s supposed sources have learned over the years, is that the Watergate reporter’s version of the truth serves his agenda, not an unbiased reporting of the facts.

Woodward has another “tell-all” book due out on Donald Trump this month. Just like the one he published only a year ago, it will have anecdotes and “shocking” revelations tailored to reflect his agenda and the conventional wisdom of the moment. This is why Harper’s magazine, hardly a right-wing rag, labeled him a “political weathervane.”

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I know nothing about events inside the Trump administration that Woodward is claiming in his new book, but am sure his version

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