Why Are Some States So Slow at Counting Votes?

Why Are Some States So Slow at Counting Votes?

When election day turned into election week and now election month, the bated breath with which we waited for results has turned our faces blue from a lack of oxygen and now red from anger and distrust. It’s like the opposite of CNN’s electoral map where everything turns red first, then blue.

Americans has been forced to sit on their hands and wait for the excruciatingly sluggish process of counting votes, a practice some states seemed prepared to handle while others…not so much. Consider that Florida — a state with over 10 million votes — was called a little after midnight while Pennsylvania — a state with over 6million votes — was called four days after the election. 

There’s one huge reason why Florida was able to count its votes so quickly: state election laws. Florida started counting mail-in ballots on October 12, which means that up to election day, they counted votes as they came in. Pennsylvania on

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