Why Andorra is the new ‘Silicon Valley for YouTubers’

Why Andorra is the new ‘Silicon Valley for YouTubers’

A tiny, isolated nation in the mountains of Europe is the hottest new destination for social media stars, it was revealed on Friday.

Andorra, a principality of 77,000 that’s sandwiched between Spain and France in the Pyrenees mountain range, is typically thought of as a ski destination and tax haven for the wealthy but it’s turning into a creative hub filled with YouTube stars and other influencers from across Europe. 

“This is like the Silicon Valley of YouTubers — everyone is here,” Victor Dominguez, the host of the Wall Street Wolverine business and innovation channel on YouTube, told Bloomberg.

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He chose Andorra last year as a means to escape the pandemic and because of how easy it is to produce content when “there’s another YouTuber five minutes away,” he told the outlet. 

While Dominguez, a Spanish native, didn’t cite tax breaks as his reason for leaving, it surely is an added bonus. The mountain nation’s top-rate income tax rate

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