Who’s Buying Bitcoin? Retail Demand Expected to Double by 2024 Halving

Who’s Buying Bitcoin? Retail Demand Expected to Double by 2024 Halving

New data shows Bitcoin accumulation by retail investors continues to surge despite the economic downturn and increasing inflows from institutional investors.

The latest research from ZUBR derivatives exchange published June 29 found that participation from retail investors is increasing despite the longstanding narrative that institutional adoption would be required to propel crypto prices higher. 

With the recent halving being nothing more than a distant memory and Bitcoin (BTC) price lingering in the $9,100 range, the current price action is far from the post-halving surge that many retail and institutional investors expected. 

Despite the lackluster price action, a multitude of bullish factors like record growth in the number of Bitcoin whales, a new all-time high in the number wallet addresses containing less than 1 BTC, record BTC outflow from exchanges, and Bitcoin’s recently achieving its third-best Q2 performance ever show remarkable growth in investor participation with the top-ranked digital asset

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Moreover, increasing Bitcoin demand from Grayscale Investments, Square and other companies suggest

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