Who Gave Ghislaine Maxwell A Black Eye, And Why?

Who Gave Ghislaine Maxwell A Black Eye, And Why?

This definitely makes me wonder…..

The Jeffery Epstein case has left everyone wondering what exactly happened, and a number of theories are out there.

Personally, I am a fan of The Mossad theory. The idea that both Epstein and Maxwell were agents of The Mossad, and were collecting information for the extortion of high profile people.

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Whatever any of us think is just conjecture at this point though, and I hope that Ghislaine Maxwell doesn’t go to the grave without dropping some names or some evidence.

That being said, I don’t think she is doing too well in prison. Photos of Ghislaine inside prison have surfaced, and in them she appears to have a black eye.

How did she get that black eye?

Did a fellow inmate hit her? Was she assaulted by guards? Or is this evidence of someone on the inside using physical force to keep her quiet?

Remember how Epstein was found dead in prison under

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