‘Whitesplaining’: GOP Rep. Burgess Owens Compared to KKK by Mainstream Newspaper

‘Whitesplaining’: GOP Rep. Burgess Owens Compared to KKK by Mainstream Newspaper

The Salt Lake Tribune is under heavy fire for comparing a black congressman to a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Outrage spun up fast Thursday morning, as a political cartoon made the rounds on social media, with caricatures of Republican Rep. Burgess Owens and a white Klansman separated by 70 years of American history, but standing side by side in utterance of the words, “They are coming to your neighborhoods.”

With a “border” sign sat squarely on Owens’ right, the cartoon was apparently meant to draw attention to the supposed similarities between Republican legislators concerned with the rising tides of illegal immigration and the rhetoric of America’s longest surviving hate group — a terrorist organization responsible for stoking the racial flames that led to the lynching of roughly 2,000 black Americans during Reconstruction.

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Owens has been among the most outspoken Republicans when it comes to the Biden administration’s crisis at

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