‘Whites only’ graduation party in South Africa sparks mass protests

‘Whites only’ graduation party in South Africa sparks mass protests

Police and activists clashed in South Africa Friday during a protest against a graduation party allegedly organized for “whites only.”

Nearly 2,000 members of the Economic Freedom Fighters, a radical left political party, rallied around Brackenfell High School in Cape Town as police fired tear gas and water cannons at the crowd, Al Jazeera reported.

Police later told protest organizers that only 100 people were allowed to demonstrate, but the group accused the cops of being heavy-handed.

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The confrontation stemmed from outrage over an off-site graduation party organized by parents. A flyer for the bash was disseminated to a WhatsApp group that included several teachers but not shared with regular class groups, one student told local news site IOL, adding that it was clear black students were not invited.

“We have class WhatsApp groups where information is usually shared, but it was not the case on the event which clearly shows we were meant to be excluded,” the student

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