White House hesitant to endorse $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal

White House hesitant to endorse $3.5 trillion reconciliation proposal

President Joe Biden’s top spokeswoman was hesitant Wednesday to endorse the new $3.5 trillion infrastructure reconciliation proposal announced by Senate Democratic leadership Tuesday night, even as her boss was on Capitol Hill rallying Democratic support for it.

“We acknowledge this is just a step in the process,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki said. “Now, it needs to move forward and obviously needs support of all Democrats in order to move it forward.”


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“That’s one of the reasons that the president” met with Senate Democrats on Capitol Hill Wednesday afternoon, she added.

The top White House spokeswoman echoed comments made by Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders, who had previously expressed a desire to make the reconciliation bill as large as $6 trillion, “the most significant piece of legislation passed since the Great Depression.”

Psaki claimed the proposal is “reflective of the president’s priorities,” outlined in his fiscal year 2022 budget

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