Whistleblowing Experts Band Together To Combat Elite Corruption

Whistleblowing Experts Band Together To Combat Elite Corruption

A group of experienced Capitol Hill investigators and whistleblowing experts are banding together to fight government and corporate corruption with the creation of a new oversight organization dedicated to giving Americans a “check on unelected bureaucrats and corporate elites.”

“The main thing that we want to do is to become a resource for people who have inside information about waste, fraud, and abuse or corruption or mismanagement,” Empower Oversight founder and President Jason Foster told The Federalist.

Foster, one of the three former staffers from Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley’s office who are in leadership at Empower, has more than two decades of experience working with whistleblowers on Capitol Hill. Foster’s efforts to create the Senate’s bipartisan Whistleblower Protection Caucus and act on other oversight legislation along with the experience of former whistleblowers who advise the new organization, he says, will help future informants “navigate all the pitfalls that come with trying to report to the inspector general, going to

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