Where Does The Phrase ‘Computer Bug’ Come From?

Where Does The Phrase ‘Computer Bug’ Come From?

In our hugely tech-literate world, most of us understand — on a basic level at the very least — what a “computer bug” is. The term is used so often in general life and pop culture that it’s actually hard to avoid. Famous examples include Jeff Goldblum’s use of a bug (and a convenient USB port) to take down an enemy invasion in Independence Day, or the cliché, “it’s not a bug, it’s a feature.”

But where does the term “computer bug” actually come from?

The first use of the concept of a “bug” may date back as far as 1843, when Ada Lovelace discussed issues with “program cards” used in The Babbage Engine — invented by computer pioneer Charles Babbage, who designed the first automatic computing engines decades before the technology existed to actually build them.

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“An analyzing process must equally have been performed in order to furnish the Analytical Engine with the necessary operative data, and that herein may also

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