When will Elon Musk's influence on Bitcoin end?

When will Elon Musk's influence on Bitcoin end?

Elon Musk’s tendency to sway the crypto space with devil-may-care tweets was on display again on Friday, as numerous coins lost between 10–18% in the wake of Musk’s latest Bitcoin (BTC) meme.

The Tesla CEO’s tweet which showed a Bitcoin sign next to a broken heart emoji could have been interpreted as fairly cryptic, but within minutes the crypto market responded by plunging into a sea of red, as close to $100 billion departed the global market cap.

Industry executives, while concerned with the influence Musk exerts on the crypto space, are now growing hopeful that Bitcoin can escape his gravitational pull. Friday’s sell-off was actually an example of this, said the chief operating officer of payment network Mercuryo, Greg Waisman, who pointed out that the latest drop wasn’t quite as violent as others had been in the past.

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“To a large extent, Bitcoin investors are learning to ignore tweets from Elon Musk and this was made evident as the

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