When Will Elites in Democrat Cities Finally Put Down The Mask?

When Will Elites in Democrat Cities Finally Put Down The Mask?

Walk the streets of any Democrat-stronghold city right now: Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Washington D.C., Philadelphia, Boston, San Fransisco, and so on. Pick your poison. Observe the coastal elites snug in their security blanket masks, under the presumptive impression that the coronavirus ought to last forever.

Now, look at scientific data. Are they sane?

The simple answer is no. To those residing in metropolitan riot-torn areas, a plastic blue covering with earloops has cemented itself as a symbol of political virtue. Wearing the mask has become quasi-religious, with an unrelenting sect of Americans continuing to perceive the public square as a place likely to transmit to them a disease they believe is highly risky for all, but has in fact been severely mitigated by effective vaccines administered at record rates.

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Two of the vaccines deployed, by Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna, have an effective COVID-19 preventative rate above 94 percent. The Johnson and Johnson vaccine, which is less effective

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