What’s ‘Incredibly Damaging To The Gospel,’ Joshua Harris, Are Your Lies About It


In a recent interview, newly ex-mega-church pastor Joshua Harris and author of the 1990s best-seller “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” remarked that the support President Trump has received from the evangelical community has been “incredibly damaging to the gospel and to the church.” I’d wager Harris is projecting something fierce.

In August, Harris announced that he and his wife Shannon were divorcing, that he no longer considers himself a Christian, and that he regrets “standing against marriage equality.” Just in case the point was lost on any of us, he followed up his announcement by posting a picture of himself eating a rainbow donut at the Vancouver Pride parade.

It’s no coincidence that Harris reversed himself on biblical teachings on sex and marriage while abandoning the core tenets of the faith. I suppose Harris is just following the crowd, as entire mainline denominations are embracing the zeitgeist.

Rejecting Marriage Means Rejecting Scripture

The denial of sexual and marital norms by

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