What we know about COVID-19 reinfection from other diseases

What we know about COVID-19 reinfection from other diseases

Cases of COVID-19 patients being reinfected have cropped up around the world but experts say it’s unclear whether the virus will be like the vast majority of diseases and not return more severe on its second go-round.

“So far these cases appear to be very rare but they’re also not very surprising,” said David Hirschwerk, an infectious disease expert at Hofstra University’s Zucker School of Medicine.

Hirschwerk said that health experts know from other seasonal coronaviruses that people can become reinfected despite having developed a degree of immunity the first time.

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“[Immunity] certainly doesn’t last for someone’s entire lifespan,” Hirschwerk told The Post.

So far, there have only been a handful of cases of reinfection documented out of the more than 37 million people across the world who have contracted the virus.

“I’ve been puzzled that we haven’t heard about more of them, but to prove it’s a true reinfection is kind of a high bar,” said Dr. Nicole

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